Need Money To Complete Repairs Before Selling?

Want to Net More?

The Shereece Monroe Group now offers a “Seller Concierge Program” designed to provide you with upfront money necessary to make repairs or remodel your home! 

Our team understands that completing a slight remodel or making important repairs could result in YOU being able to sell your home for more money, resulting in more money in your pocket!

Whether the property needs a fresh coat of paint, an updated kitchen, or maybe just staging, this program could be a great fit for you!

Check out the before an after photos of a seller who used this program below: 

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Advertised “Buy Before You Sell” program is in partnership with Homeward. Approval and cash funds provided exclusively by Homeward. Lease and convenience fees are exclusively managed by and due to Homeward. Some conditions may apply. Contact The Shereece Monroe Group for details.

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